The Surfer Girl Books by Penelope Dyan

Published by Bellissima Publishing, LLC,

"Surfer Girl," the first book in this series, is recognized by the Girls Voices in Literature
Database, Miami University, Florida, for positive gender image, quality of writing and
storyline. And it also won Honorable Mention at both the 2007 DIY Book Festival and  the
2007 London Book Festival!

Surfer Girl is the story of Teenage Summer who has a legacy
for her life and surfs the waves of life as she surfs the oceans.
  • Summer surfs the ocean;
  • Summer swims the ocean;
  • Summer wants to save the ocean and all its creatures.
  • Summer has an Olympic Dream, too big to even imagine!
Meet Summer
Summer is a girl just like any other girl except she is looking for her legacy.  Her mother is a
writer and her legacy is the books she writes and will be leaving behind for Summer.  Summer
wants a legacy of her own.  Summer is an open water swimmer who  competes in the pool and
Summer has a boyfriend named Phillip, and he is almost too good to be true!  Phillip can be
romantic, but he always gives Summer the space she needs to become who she wants to be.
The Surfer Girl Books By Penelope Dyan Are Published By Bellissima Publishing, LLC

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"Surfer Girl" by Penelope Dyan
Meet Surfer Girl Summer!
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'Surfer Girl' by Penelope Dyan
Best Teen Book 2008 New York Book Festival & 2008 Hollywood Book Festival