About Penelope Dyan and Bellissima Publishing, LLC

Penelope Dyan is a Bellissima writer and before coming to Bellissima Publishing LLC was
widely published in several  trade journals.  Dyan is an attorney and former educator who
writes tis series with all the love she has for the youth of our time and the ocean!

An environmental advocate, Dyan encourages everyone to think green and to preserve this
planet that we call home.  The  protagonist of the Surfer Girl Series, works hard in that
regard, but realizes she can only do what she can do; and every journey begins with one step
in the direction in which one desires to go.

Bellissima Publishing, LLC believes strongly in the values presented in the Surfer Girl Books,
and Dyan strives to present Summer as a real girl with a real body image, real friends, and
natural interactions with friends and family.

All Bellissima Books are set to high standards, and Bellissima authors are qualified in heir
fields of expertise.  Dyan is no exception to the stringent Bellissima requirements.
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