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The Surfer Girl Books are a work in progress and you can follow along with Summer's life, from
high school through college!  Summer encounters all of the same problems that any real girl
has,and Summer is a modern day Nancy Drew with an environmental twist.

If you are a parent of a girl, preteen through adult , you can trust the Surfer Girl Books to deliver a
great message and to entertain.  The surprise is that it isn't only girls who enjoy these books,
guys and gals who of all ages (whether they surf or not) love the Surfer Girl Books!!

The reasons for this are simple::
  • The books are entertaining;
  • The characters are real and believable;
  • The books deliver a wonderful and positive message!
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(book 1 of the Surfer Girl Book Series)----
'Surfer Girl'  by Penelope Dyan
Best Teen Book at the 2008 New York Book Festival & 2008 Holywood Book Festival
*****  A "teen reader" with action, romance, values, and environmental conscienceness!, September 23, 2005 , By  J.
M. L. (San Diego) -   

This book is so good it leaves you longing for an immediate sequel! Surfer Girl targets teen readers, but has enough
dimension and depth to be interesting to adults, too! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this for the first time as a mature
reader... old enough to be buying the book for my kids! And, I highly recommend this book for young readers. Surfer Girl
follows it's lead character, Summer, on her daily journey as she tries to figure out what she is contributing on earth... a
deep concept for a teen. But, she has an exciting life travelling, swimming, surfing, meeting new people, and starting her
first romance! It's like watching a teen's life over the summertime and getting into their head! Very fun, very real, and very
addicting! And, the environmental attention is a nice addition to a teen reader... it brings attention to caring for the earth
and animals without any preaching; just a nice addition to get teens thinking! Loved this book! It's bound to be a favorite
with teenagers (and a secret fun read for the adults)!
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